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Celebrating 25 Glorious Years!

HKDG gets recognition on Pakistan's Awaz TV!

Reporters from Pakistan's Awaz TV were present at the latest staging, Majboori Ki Maar... Ker Kare Inkaar, to interview the cast and crew about the play and Mr Sadhwani's vision and journey with Hasya Kala Drama Group. Watch the full segment here.

Narendra Sadhwani Does It Again, This Time With His Unique Fusion Concept

Hasya Kala Drama Group presented its most unique and a historical concept in Hindi-Sindhi stage plays; A 'Fusion' drama with its first half in Sindhi and second in Hindi! Get a taste of both worlds in this two hour stage play, Majboori Ki Maar... Ker Kare Inkaar, that was staged at the prestigious Sheikh Rashid Auditorium, Dubai on December 25, 2015 to an audience of almost 800!

20 Years in 20 Minutes!

Watch the history of Hasya Kala Drama Group and how it was formed along with a very interesting journey of Mr. Narendra Sadhwani in this 20 minute video.


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